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There’s no juice. No Magic Supplement. You’re not living forever. Sorry. BUT, there is hope at the end of your rainbow.  If you produce, manufacture or import foods, beverages, dietary supplements or drugs to the United States then you are going to have to deal with the FDA.  And guess what?  It’s not that easy.  Here’s where we come in.  Live Forever Juice is actually a very serious project developed by Maryland-based consulting firm, FDAImports.com.  The point of LFJ is to illustrate how labeling errors can get you in serious trouble with FDA, especially when it comes to food, beverages, dietary supplements and organic products.

New for 2012: Unicorn Breath Immortality Supplement


Unveiled at the Natural Products Expo East show in Baltimore, Live Forever Juice is proud to showcase our new "product," Unicorn Breath Immortality Supplement! Watch the infomercial here or any of our other great videos!

Label Review: What's Wrong With This Supplement?

Testimonial: Does It Really Work?

Get Through US Customs and FDA Regulation

Ben England on Bloomberg


We are FDAImports.com.  That's our CEO to your left, Benjamin England. We want to be a resource for every manufacturer, importer, supplier and producer, both in the United States and abroad. We want to be your source for FDA compliant label reviews, FDA consulting, facility registration and (should you need it) hardcore advocacy to get your shipment released from an FDA Import Alert, Detention or Refusal. Here’s what we do:

FDA Label Review & Design • Registration & Listing • Import Alerts • FDA Detentions/Refusals • New Product Consulting • Multi-state Regulation • Marketing/Website Review • Branding Development • International and Domestic FDA Consulting

Food & Beverage• Cosmetics • Dietary Supplements • Drugs • Medical Device • Electronic Radiological Devices • Alcohol • Tobacco • Organic Products

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