Hello. We are FDAImports.com, a team of highly skilled FDA regulatory consultants and affiliated attorneys. If you've looked over the rest of this website and are still baffled and/or unsettled by this project then please continue reading. The product called "Live Forever Juice" is completely fictitious. It's not real. We are not promising that anyone will live forever or that any such beverage may provide that assurance. The reason we went to all this trouble was to generate interest in FDA labeling issues and to help enlighten industry manufacturers, importers and professionals about the complex world of FDA regulation. If you do not find this at all amusing then please rest assured that we are highly skilled professionals whose combined expenses in higher education total more than $1 million dollars. We recommend that you DO NOT continue to read this website but encourage you to visit our very sober and unicorn-free website at www.fdaimports.com. We apologize if you did not laugh out loud while visiting our website.

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